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Round - 11 a: a unit of action in a contest or game which comprises a stated period, covers a prescribed distance, includes a specified number of plays, or gives each player one turn. b: a division of a tournament in which each contestant plays an opponent. noun. any round shape, as a circle, ring or sphere. a circular, ring-shaped, curved, or spherical object; a rounded form. something circular in cross section, as a rung of a ladder or chair.. round 1 (round) adj. round·er, round·est 1. a. Being such that every part of the surface or the circumference is equidistant from the center: a round ball. b. Moving in or forming a circle. c. Shaped like a cylinder; cylindrical. d. Rather rounded in shape: the child's round face. e. Full in physique; plump: a round figure. 2. a. Linguistics Formed or.

The ROUND function rounds a number to a specified number of digits. For example, if cell A1 contains 23.7825, and you want to round that value to two decimal places, you can use the following formula: =ROUND(A1, 2) The result of this function is 23.78. number Required. The number that you. Definition of round - shaped like a circle or cylinder, shaped like a sphere, (of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh, (of a number) expressed in conven. Order your pizza online from Round Table Pizza now for fast pizza delivery or pickup! Deals and coupon information available online. We have a variety of wings appetizers and beer on tap.

Dec 11, 2009  · The official video for the US Version of "Right Round" by Flo Rida featuring Ke$ha from the album 'R.O.O.T.S. (Route Of Overcoming The Struggle)' - available now. ROUND (number) Syntax. round_number::=. Description of the illustration round_number.gif. Purpose. ROUND returns n rounded to integer places to the right of the decimal point. If you omit integer, then n is rounded to 0 places. The argument integer can be negative to round off digits left of the decimal point. n can be any numeric datatype or any nonnumeric datatype that can be implicitly. Examples A. Using ROUND and estimates. The following example shows two expressions that demonstrate by using ROUND the last digit is always an estimate. SELECT ROUND(123.9994, 3), ROUND(123.9995, 3); GO.

Parameters. val. The value to round precision. The optional number of decimal digits to round to. mode. Use one of the following constants to specify the mode in which rounding occurs..

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Alexandria Moulding WM 103 1-1/16 in. x 1-1/16 in. x 96 in. Pine ... Alexandria Moulding WM 103 1-1/16 in. x 1-1/16 in. x 96 in. Pine Quarter Round Moulding-00103-20096C - The Home Depot

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